Best Places to Get Cheese in Wisconsin

Best Places to Get Cheese in Wisconsin
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White Gold: Tips to Find the Best Cheese in Wisconsin

The art of cheese-making is rooted in many cultures. There are around 2,000 varieties of cheese available and that number continues to grow. You can find unpasteurized exotic cheeses in places like Green County, Madison. Green County produces over 200 new cheeses every year. It is no wonder that Wisconsin is the epicenter of good cheese.

But it is important to understand the differences between good cheeses and great cheeses, especially when visiting Wisconsin.


The Makings of Good Cheese

The difference between good cheese and bad cheese are subtle, but they can be spotted with a little patience and some knowledge.

The simplest difference to pay attention to is cheese that has been produced on a massive scale. You should look for cheese that is made locally like in Madison, Wisconsin. Local cheese will (more than likely) be high quality cheese, and Madison has a premier cheese-making company called Fromagination. Commercially-sold cheese is usually not as tasty as local cheese, but of course, there are exceptions.

The following are some of the ways you can tell if a cheese is of high quality:

  • The cheese was produced nearby
  • The milk used to make the cheese comes from animals that were fed ethically
  • Pricier cheese does usually mean better

Of course, the aforementioned are just a few ways to tell if a cheese variety is of good quality or poor quality. The species used will make a difference as well. You can visit and learn about different milk types by stopping by The Speckled Hen in Madison, Wisconsin.

Making sure the milk was sourced from one location, and not many, makes a difference, too. This is because the food that the animal will eat can produce milk that taste a little different. Many cheese lovers who eat local cheese know that the taste of cheese varies from season to season.

The fat content and moisture content matters when it comes to choosing good cheese versus bad cheese. Fat content is a good thing as long as it was not added; the fat should be naturally occurring. Moisture is good if you are thinking of purchasing fresh cheese rather than aged cheese.

You need to know if the cheese was made using natural enzymes and if mold development was part of the aging process. Mold creates the many benefits of aged cheese, such as vitamin K2. And yes, mold gives some cheeses a very distinct odor.

You should remember that high quality cheese also means that it will be full of necessary nutrients. This is why it is crucial that you visit the right cheese-maker in Wisconsin, like Carr Valley Cheese in Sauk City. The Carr Valley Cheese is considered the place to go if you want to meet the best cheese-makers in Wisconsin who can also ensure your cheese contains the following:


Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a special aspect that is associated with some cheeses, especially unpasteurized and mature cheeses. Vitamin K2 helps your body detect areas in the body that might be deficient in calcium. Think of vitamin K2 as a laser target that could help strengthen your bones and teeth.



Cheese is also highly alkaline. Cheese has the power to reverse acidic imbalances that you may have in your mouth or body. Acidic imbalances in your mouth could lead to bad breath, dental erosion, or cavities.

There is more to learn about cheese, and you can learn a little more on a cheese tasting tour. Wisconsin is a great place to go on a cheese-tasting expedition because the art of cheese-making is still alive and healthy.

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